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Copernic Desktop Search Crack is the perfect solution to find images, emails, files and multimedia content located locally on your machine. The ability to find what you need when you need it allows for a more productive experience. It will search for the parameters you select and instantly return results as soon as you enter a name or search parameter. Copernic Desktop Search Patch will then categorize all found results by file type which includes highlighted keywords and thumbnails displayed in the document preview for easy reference. The operating system has its own search feature that allows you to quickly track down specific files and folders, but it doesn’t always work properly. A better idea is to look into third-party desktop search solutions, such as Copernic Desktop Search Keygen.

Designed for Windows users, it comes with advanced options and configuration settings to find files, folders, and even file contents all over your computer. It is one of the best file search software programs out there. Since Windows Search frequently crashes and sucks you dry, it’s best to use Copernic instead. Let’s take a look at the system requirements, how to get started with Copernic, the feature set, how indexing works, and the Copernic editions before we get our review of this file browser. When it comes to installation, Copernic Desktop Search Serial Key is pretty straightforward. You can modify the installation folder and create desktop shortcuts. By default, the tool runs every time you start Windows, but you can disable it from the advanced options section. When starting the program for the first time, you can refer to the introductory steps to configure search options, configure extensions to index all parts of your hard drive, and optimize its performance by creating a search map based on its indexing performance. The trick is to enable Copernic index files. If the file or folder you are looking for is not indexed by Copernic Desktop Search Serial Key, then it will not return any results, even though the item exists on your computer.

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To control file indexing, go to Tools -> Options -> Files. You might argue that if you want to be absolutely sure you’ll find whatever file you’re looking for, you can just include everything in the index. But you should also keep in mind that indexing must be done regularly to add the most recent file to the search scope, similar to file backups. This means frequently allocating your system resources to the task of indexing: it’s not worth it in the long run, so you have to be careful about what files and content you include. For example, casual users may be looking for downloads, but they probably don’t need Windows files. By default, Copernic Desktop Search License Key indexes all files, folders, and subfolders found on your desktop, special folders (Downloads, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos), and all other partitions except the one that includes Windows. In addition to local files, Copernic Desktop Search Activation Key indexes other types of content, such as Windows contacts, as well as browser history and bookmarks. If you integrate it with OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox, you can index files from there as well. All of this means that you can easily locate any content available in these locations from the main window.


The built-in search feature in Windows is more advanced than ever, but there’s still room for improvement. Copernic Desktop Search Crack Free Download aims to make searching for locally stored information as similar as possible to searching the Internet. In its most basic form, the program can be used to index your hard drive before searching for files, emails, message attachments, and more. But there is much more to this handy search utility. If you’re not entirely sure of the name or location of a file you’re looking for, after performing your first search, the results can be refined and optimized to find what you’re looking for. A search wizard is available to make it easy to find files, and results can be sorted and grouped as needed. A handy desktop bar lets you search from your desktop no matter how many windows you have open, and a file preview option lets you check the contents of files without having to open them. The power and speed of use of Copernic Desktop Search Crack Free Download comes from the full disk indexing it uses to catalog the contents of your hard drive.

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This process can be customized to only run during periods of inactivity so as not to affect system performance, and can be scheduled to update at specific times. By looking at the search results, you can customize how different types of files should be handled. For example, you may want to open certain types of files, but open the folder that contains them for others. For emails, you can open the message, reply to it, or forward it. This is a very versatile tool that makes it quick and easy to find the files you are looking for. More than once, you’ve probably searched your entire hard drive for a file without getting the best results. If you have a drive that is full of files and a processor that isn’t very fast, the search can take forever. This will no longer be a problem thanks to Copernic Desktop Search Crack Download, since you can use this practical utility to find any document, email, image or multimedia file on your PC in a matter of seconds. You can also access your internet data, such as your website history, bookmarks, contacts, emails… The secret to the program’s speed is that it creates a complete index of your hard drive the first time you run it, and its content is constantly updated so that the program’s registry always contains information about all the files on your PC and their locations. . Copernic is compatible with Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird email managers and with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


  • Install it, create the index and start finding your files, emails and documents instantly.
  • Open any search result in your native app from the preview pane
  • Search your emails, contacts, calendar items in multiple OST/PST files.
  • With the Quick Start Guide that walks you through our easy-to-use interface, you’ll become a search expert.
  • Right-click on any search result to open the window’s context menu.
  • Not connected to the internet, no problem. You can still register your license.
  • Inside the preview pane, see your keyword highlighted.
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In the Windows start menu, type “Add/Remove Programs” in Windows 7 or “Apps & Features” in Windows 10. Look for Copernic Desktop Search in the list of applications. Select the program in the list and click the Uninstall button.

Does Copernic search inside the archives?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you can use Copernic Desktop Search to find all kinds of information on your PC, including Office files, Outlook emails and attachments, text documents and multimedia files.

Is Copernic Desktop Search safe?

I love the fact that it can index and search my desktop and have used this software for over a decade. It’s fast and reliable and while Windows has decent search on Windows 10, I use Copernic instead. Cons: It can be a bit slow at times, but that has more to do with the number of files it has to search.

What is Copernic software?

Copernic Desktop Search Keygen is software that allows users to search for computer files, including Office files, Outlook emails, attachments, text documents, and media files. As a stand-alone application, this technology creates a keyword map (index) to unlock unstructured data.


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