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DikDik Crack Portable (formerly Video Watermark Subtitle Creator) is the best video watermark software to edit videos, add watermarks and subtitles. You can add videos, audio, images, words and subtitles in WYSIWYG, and you can set the appearance time, position, size and animated effects for video watermark and subtitles, and preview at will. You can batch add watermark and subtitle to videos, batch split and merge videos.

Videos often serve as important material for various presentations or transform an important event into a memory that can be seen. Regardless of domains of activity, editing tools like DikDik should be used to make minor adjustments for a polished result, or simply convert them to a different format.

A large side panel serves as a list of the video files you upload, with a preview section next to it and tucked into a corner where you manage to find the subtitle maker, merger, and video splitter. From the same window, you can configure the output folder and format, which has, to tell you the truth, a decent list to choose from.

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The app prides itself on the variety of editing tools available in a single window. Converting a video is the easiest task, because you only need to select the output download and press the “Run” button.A subtitle maker opens a new window with a handful of options to get the timing and style just right.

The font is fully customizable and can be manually placed in the desired location as well as saved to a file. Also, a watermark with text or media files can be added from the same window.Additionally, a merge tool gives you the ability to add clips to the start and end of your currently imported file. The reverse process is also available, the video can be divided into several equal parts or for a specific duration.

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  • Edit WordArt effects in WYSIWYG.
  • Create dynamic watermark effects (eg Expand, Hover, Flash, and Fade In).
  • Insert the copyright symbols C, R or TM in the video.
  • Add watermarks (video, images, text).
  • convert videos to mp3
  • Merge multiple mp3 files into one.
  • Split one MP3 into multiple MP3s.


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We are renaming Video Watermark Subtitle Creator as DikDik Serial Key. The software is the best video watermarking software to edit videos, add watermarks and subtitles. You can add videos, audio, images, words, and subtitles in WYSIWYG, and you can set the display time, position, size, and animated effects for watermarks and subtitles. video and preview at will.

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