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A dive log full crack is a record of the diving history of an underwater diver. The log may either be in a book, locally hosted software, or web based. The log serves purposes both related to safety and personal records. Information in a log may contain the date, time and location, the profile of the dive, equipment used, air usage, above and below water conditions, including temperature, current, wind and waves, general comments, and verification by the buddy, instructor or supervisor.In case of a diving accident, it can provide valuable data regarding diver’s previous experience, as well as the other factors that might have led to the accident itself.[1]

Divers are generally advised to keep a logbook as a record, while professional divers may be legally obliged to maintain a logbook which is up to Recreation date and complete in Diving Log Serial key records. The professional diver’s logbook is a legal document and may be important for getting employment. The required content and format of the professional diver’s logbook is generally specified by the registration authority, but may also be specified by an industry association such as the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

Version 5.0.0 of Diving Log Keygen key for Android has been released, which now targets Android 11, as required by Google. This has been a challenging release, because Android 11 does not allow apps access to the general file system anymore. Up to now, Diving Log stored the logbook files in the “Diving Log” folder in the root of the device. This folder was not deleted when the app was uninstalled, so your logbook files were not deleted either.

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If Diving Log Free Downloads are a scuba diver and want to have your logbook always with you, then Diving Log is the right scuba dive log app for you. You can leave your handwritten paper logbook safely at home and still access all your dives.You can download* your dives directly on Android from supported dive computers via USB or Bluetooth. Diving Log can synchronize, display and edit* dives from the Windows desktop version Diving Log 6.0. You can enter* your dives either directly on your phone or tablet or you can use the desktop version of Diving Log (https://www.divinglog.com) to download your dives from the dive computer to your PC and then transfer them to your Android device.*) Entering, editing and downloading dives requires an in-app purchase (10 dives possible for testing purposes)


  • The visibility
  • If the dive was a boat or shore dive
  • What exposure suit you wore (wetsuit, drysuit etc) 
  • Marine life (including drawings!) 
  • The PADI pro that guided you
  • Your buddy
  • Any achievements 
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How can I copy my buddy’s dive(s) into my logbook?

Copying your buddy’s dive(s) happens in the same process as validating his dive(s): When you receive your buddy’s validation request, you can select to validate and copy it into your logbook.

How do I validate a log?

In your log, simply enter the name of your dive buddy and click on the tickmark icon on the left floating menu. You can also do this for several dives through our “Quick edit” function in the table view. If your buddy is a registered user, he will receive a validation request in which he will be able to review and approve your validation request, as well as copy the dive into his logbook. If your buddy has not registered yet, you will have to enter his email address in the pop-up window.

How do I edit several dives at once?

In the top left corner of the table view of your dives you find the “Quick edit” function. It allows you to change one or more fields of several dives on a single screen.

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What functionalities aren’t available offline?

You can’t currently access any maps while offline. Since there is no connection to the diviac servers, some auto-suggest functionalities (e.g. locations, buddies) are not available. Also copying other divers’ or dive centers’ photos is of course not possible without a connection to the servers.


Diving Log Crack investigation showed that the status of leisure diving in Japan is still serious, because DCS would be expected to occur once a weekend in Japan. It is speculated that many divers may develop DCS while moving through high altitudes after diving, particularly at the Osezaki diving spot in Japan. Based on the results of this study, it is emphasised that every Japanese leisure diver should take an increasing interest in the safety of diving activity.

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