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DocuFreezer Full Crack is a desktop application that converts your documents and images to PDF, TXT, JPG, TIFF, or PNG formats, “freezing” the look of the input documents and protecting them from any amendments. No matter which device the document will be displayed on, it will look exactly the same as the original.Converting an Adobe PDF document, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Outlook e-mail, PowerPoint presentation, HTML page, Photoshop image file, XPS file, text file, or JPEG image to another format is usually not a problem. But what if you need to batch convert many files and don’t want to repeat the same operations over and over again? Free file converter DocuFreezer can save your time every day.

DocuFreezer Serial key helps you easily convert your files and protect them from being modified. After conversion, the output files will keep the original files’ structure, page layout, text formatting, fonts, and hyperlinks. DocuFreezer can also preserve the original file names, metadata, folder structure, attachments, and color attributes of source files.If you need to archive documents, save them as a backup, or if you want to provide a non-editable copy to someone, DocuFreezer will help you convert almost any document to PDF, JPG, TXT, TIFF. This will let you have your files accessible on any modern device, keep them safe and open several years later.

DocuFreezer Keygen key software is designed to batch process documents and images quickly and automatically via a drag-and-drop interface. Add dozens or even hundreds of documents to the list and have them converted in one go without any user attention. You no longer need to open each file and convert it by yourself! Besides, you can configure page rotation, page range, filter mask, and post-processing actions for faster workflows.DocuFreezer converts most of the supported file types only by its own internal processing core. In other words, you don’t need any additional software. However, to convert certain types of files, DocuFreezer will need additional software. Since you already have these documents, it is likely that you already have the appropriate application installed. Please refer to the “Required software” column to find out exactly which software you will need for each file type.

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DocuFreezer Free Downloads is a tool for converting Microsoft Office documents into PDF, JPG, or TIFF formats. Whether it’s a text file, a spreadsheet, or a presentation, you can still extract your document as an image or PDF.The application works in quite a simple way; just drag and drop the files or folders you want to convert, choose the output format and destination folder, and press Start. The conversion keeps the original layout of the document, with embedded images and integrated hyperlinks.

The interface is also really clean and simple: to the left you have different options to insert documents, at the bottom you can choose the format, and the conversion button itself is at the right corner.Anytime you need to keep the structure of a Microsoft Office file and open it on other devices, make sure you convert it to one of these image formats or PDF.

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  • Use a Wide Range of Supported Formats
  • Merge PDF Files
  • Combine, Merge, and Split Options for Multipage PDF & TIFF
  • Make PDF Searchable with OCR
  • Convert Outlook Emails to PDF or TIFF
  • Add Text or Image Watermark
  • Compress Output PDFs when Converting Word Docs
  • Rotate & Auto-Rotate Pages
  • Configure Processing File Attachments


How to put a watermark on a photo without Photoshop?

Don’t have Adobe Photoshop? No problem. You can add a watermark or logo to your work without expensive photo-editing software – if you have DocuFreezer. Adding a watermark to a photo can be done the same way as described above.

Should I watermark my photos?

Some photographers use watermarks, some don’t. Maybe you want to upload your professional photos to social media, Etsy, Pinterest, or another website and you don’t want someone to share your photographs online without due credit. Watermarking can be a quick and easy way to protect your photos or other content. Besides, you can use it for branding or self-promotion, making it easy for viewers to see who took that photo.

How to add a watermark to a PDF?

If you want to watermark a single PDF, use our instruction as described above. You can insert a premade logo (as image) or create a custom text.

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How to automatically watermark documents when printing them?

If you want to set up automatic watermarking during batch printing, there’s a simple tool to accomplish it. Try doing it with Print Conductor. With it, you can batch print documents, PDFs, or pictures and add text watermarks to them at the same time.


All in all, DocuFreezer replaces the need for online file converters, offering conversion of hundreds of files at any given time and a plethora of formats to choose from for the output file. Simpler and quicker, this tool makes the converted file easily accessible on devices of all variants and that’s just a feather in their cap. While it won’t necessarily make conversion of a few files simpler than what all those online file converters have to offer but people making these file conversions on a regular basis and in huge numbers are sure to benefit in more than one way with what DocuFreezer has to offer.The tool is free for personal non-commercial uses and has a one-time purchase premium of $19 for business uses and it simply justifies its price tag by making the file conversion processes in offices a lot simpler. Give this tool a go for your file conversions and you would be amazed at the rate at which these files get converted instantaneously.

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