Dr.Explain Ultima – Advanced 6.2.1214 + With Crack

Dr.Explain Ultima – Advanced full crack is suitable software for designing help files for the software. After developing software, programmers need to teach different parts of the program to users in some way. One of the best methods that are used in most software today is to put the text and video guide of the program in the program package and users can easily access the educational content from the program Help menu.

Help files come in a variety of formats, such as CHM, PDF, RTF, Html, and…. Using Dr.Explain Ultima – Advanced serial key, you can design all of these formats for your program guide. The working environment of this program is designed to be simple and secluded, and you can quickly design and present your desired guide without engaging with the user interface.

One of the prominent features of this product is the automatic analysis and detection of different parts of your application interface. For example, if you want to explain a different toolbar option, the program automatically detects its internal components, and you can use various text descriptions and arrows to describe the desired part.After finishing the work, just by pressing a button and selecting the desired output,Dr.Explain Ultima – Advanced keygen key can download the final help file in any of the HTML, CHM, RTF, or PDF formats and link to this file in the Help menu of your program.

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You can download Dr.Explain Ultima – Advanced free download from our software library for free. This is a professional software application built specifically for helping you design help manuals. Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, the layout is clean and straightforward.Dr.Explain Ultima gives users the possibility to import data from external files (HTML, CHM, XML, HLP, RTF, DOC, or plain text format), perform basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste, remove), as well as undo or redo their actions.Thanks to its well-organized functions, you can easily add a new title for the help manual, create a table of contents, add new topics, specify the topics order by moving them up or down, as well as rename or delete the selected topic

The Dr.Explain will analyze the structure of your software interface and will generate help topic drafts for it automatically. If you are a Web developer, then the HTML parsing capabilities will help you quickly document all significant parts of your Web site as well. It doesn’t matter what technology or tools you used to design your software GUI.

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  • Application windows capturing and automatic annotation
  • Web pages capturing and automatic annotation
  • Shockwave Flash (SWF) applications capturing and automatic annotation
  • Menu with submenus automatic capturing and annotation
  • Numbered callouts for controls
  • Screenshot editing and formatting


Are the licenses permanent?

There are two options:
1. One year (365 days) license with Premium maintenance and free updates included.
2. Perpetual license for version 6 only. All 6.x updates are free. The 7.0 update will be free if it’s released within next 12 months.

How many licenses do I need?

Dr.Explain is licensed on “per Windows user account” schema.
The application is installed into a certain Windows user account. Therefore, you need a license for every Dr.Explain installation, even if all the installations were made on a single physical PC.

What’s the difference between Advanced and Ultima licenses?

With Advanced License you can use all functions of Dr.Explain to create, edit, and export help projects in any supported format without watermarks.
The Ultima License license also allows multiple Dr.Explain users to work together on the same projects via TIWRI.com platform.
For more details see the license comparison table.

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Are the new version upgrades paid?

For one-year licenses all updates are free.

For perpetual licenses all minor updates (e.g., 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.5, … 6.x) are free.
There may be charges for major updates for those who ordered more than 12 months ago. However even paid upgrades are offered with significant discounts.


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