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Dr. Folder full crack provides an easy and straightforward way of changing the icons of your folders, either on your desktop or in Windows Explorer. All you have to do is point the application at one or more folders and tell it what icons to use. The software provides a few other useful features, which make it an excellent tool to have around.

The application is offered completely free of charge and it can be used on all modern Windows platforms. Dr. Folder serial key setup file is small and it doesn’t take more than a minute to complete the installation process. Furthermore, there are no special requirements you have to meet and you don’t need to sacrifice too many resources.As previously stated, you only need to target one or more folders and choose what icon to use. The software provides separate options for selecting a single folder or several. The available icons are neatly categorized in the lower part of the user interface, in separate folders.

Once you select one or more folders and an icon, may click an Apply button and the icons of the targeted folders will be changed instantly. If Dr. Folder keygen key want to return to normal, you can hit a Restore button and the default icons will be applied on your folders immediately.Besides changing folder icons, the software gives you the possibility of creating new icons. It comes with several converters, which turn images in various formats in ICO files. This means that you won’t be limited to what Dr. Folder has to offer.

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Free Download Dr. Folder 2 full version offline installer + Portable for Windows PC it is software that searches and replaces the standard icon of a folder on any other icon. It has a pretty and friendly interface. It is powerful software and easy to useYou can change icons of folders quickly and freely just by clicking several buttons. So, using Dr. Folder can save you lots of time. The most important is that it can make your folders lively and I think others will envy your beautiful folders!

Dr. Folder lets you mark folders with color-coded and image-coded icons in one mouse click, making folders easy to find. You can change the icon from the context menu of the selected folder or the program using its simple interface and tools.With this program, you can replace the icon of a single folder, change the icon of multiple folders at once, change the system default icon, restore the default icon, add your icons to the built-in library and customize the context menu to your preferences.

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  • The program has two additional options for folder icon changes: “Make customized folder distributable” (portable) and “Apply selected icon to all subfolders”
  • It can mark folders by priority (high, normal, low), by the degree of work complete (done, half-done, planned), by work status (approved, rejected, pending) and by the type of the information contained in a folder (work files, important files, temp files, private files).
  • The app can change a folder’s color to normal, dark and light states
  • It changes folder icons from within a popup menu of the folders. To change a folder icon, you don’t even need to run the program!
  • Dr. Folder’s popup menu contains convenient category submenus.
  • It contains a User Icons tab where you can add an unlimited quantity of your favorite icons and mark folders with them. It’s easy!


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Is Software Informer Client safe to use?

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Where do I sign up?

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With this simple Guide above, you can download the Dr. Folder crack from Google Drive on your Android without Zipping the Folder. You can also use the browser to zip the folder and download the files.

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