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With AutoClose Crack, you have the option of deciding whether to shut down, log off, hibernate, or restart your computer. It can support multiple tasks simultaneously and allow you to finish background tasks effectively.It also allows users to run and run scheduled programs or after the mouse does not move or perform actions. This software really gives you the peace of mind you need.

If you frequently work with multiple software applications at the same time, you may be interested in a way to end their runtime at specific times, depending on your needs. This is useful when you plan to move away from your workstation but want to be sure that a particular application will no longer run.

After a quick setup operation that shouldn’t cause you any problems, you come face to face with an outdated window that looks like AutoClose Crack was made for Windows XP. However, the tool worked flawlessly on Windows 10 in our evaluation. Fortunately, the main window has intuitive options that invite you to start by adding a task.

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Free Download AutoClose Pro 3.0 Full Version – Offline Installer for Windows – Automatic closing of running programs at a scheduled time.You can add as many tasks as you want to the job list, each with different settings. For example, you can choose one of the active processes or drag the cursor into a running window to select it, as well as set the expiration date in the countdown (in days, hours, minutes, and seconds) or a specific date and time ( in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds).

Some utilities, such as torrent downloaders, come with built-in options for configuring post-task actions, such as shutting down the computer when all downloads are done. In other cases, however, it is necessary to turn to third-party software for automatic post-task actions. A good example of this is AutoClose Free Download, an easy-to-use Windows utility that can terminate currently running programs at certain times, as well as configure PC management options.

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  • Automatic shutdown of the PC at a specific time.
  • Set a time to allow your PC to hibernate.
  • Automatically closes a running program after a specified time.
  • Set a time to turn off your screen monitor.
  • Kill a hidden process.
  • Kill a process at a specific time.
  • Close multiple programs at the same time.
  • Set a time to allow the PC to disconnect.


What does Automatic Close mean?

Verb. third person singular present simple autocloses, present participle autocloses, simple past and past participle autocloses. To close automatically.

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How to automatically close the windows of a program?

Open Task Scheduler and create a new task. Go to the Triggers tab and add a new trigger. Set the time and date, or whatever time you need to exit the application.

Does it shut down automatically in SQL Server?

Summary. AUTO_CLOSE is a database option available in SQL Server. When this option is enabled, a database will be shut down after all resources that refer to this database are released.


AutoClose Serial Key can also be scheduled to go out to the desktop after completing all your tasks. If you just want to run a PC power option without affecting any programs, be sure to clear your task list.

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