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east-tec DisposeSecure Crack is designed to completely erase your hard drive data from old computers that you or your company resell, donate, or retire. It runs from any bootable device such as USB, CD, DVD or floppy disk and will offer you great flexibility to securely erase data from the hard drive, making it independent of the operating system that was previously present on that system.

If you want to check the details of the deletion process and see all the details related to the information you deleted, you can choose to save a log file on your computer for future reference. This file can be saved as plain text and you can open it with any basic text editor. The application also allows you to use a Department of Defense record style for the generated document.

If you need to wipe a hard drive on a computer that you don’t want to install East-Tec DisposeSecure Crack on, you can create a bootable media to perform the operation without installing it. You can use a DVD, floppy disk, or USB flash drive, as well as burn the content to an ISO file for easy storage on your computer.

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east-tec DisposeSecure Free Download all traces of data from the computer’s hard drive by overwriting and irretrievably destroying every sector and bit of data.Data is disposed of in accordance with government and industry standards or user customized security levels. East-Tec DisposeSecure 5 can be operated from bootable media (USB stick, floppy, CD, DVD) to disinfect any drive or partition on the computer, or over the network to disinfect a large number of computers, centralize disinfection logs (reports) on the server and more download.

Computers can be disinfected regardless of file system or operating system. In the latest version, you can also wipe non-system external hard drives directly from Windows, without booting from another device. Whether you want to prevent identity theft, protect your privacy, or prevent competitors from stealing your confidential information, East-Tec DisposeSecure Free Download offers the solution.

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  • Secure data deletion. …
  • Internationally approved cleaning standards. …
  • Erase hard drive data from a boot disk. …
  • Securely erase hard drive data directly from Windows. …
  • Delete the data from the drive on the local network. …
  • Detailed data deletion reports.


East-Tec DisposeSecure Serial Key is a secure disk wiping tool that removes all traces of your hard drive, so it can be safely disposed of (or donated) without the risk of data recovery methods disclosing sensitive information.

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